Hammershøi Poppy Vase H21 cm Porcelain


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Hammershøi Poppy is a line extension of the popular series Hammershøi. The series is designed by Hans-Christian Bauer, and Rikke Jacobsen decorates with beautiful poppy watercolor decoration on the white porcelain. The Poppy vase H21cm has a beautiful poppy watercolor decoration in feminine nude and green shades. The vase is suitable for both bouquets and individual stems. The shape of the vase is soft organic, and the elegant naturalness is emphasized by Rikke Jacobsen’s naturalistic watercolor strokes, which capture the tactility and hues of the poppy’s curly surface as it unfolds from bud to flower. Rikke Jacobsen has chosen the delicate pink poppy in the watercolors to emphasize the flower’s fragility and grace. It has something classic, elegant and Nordic about it – just like the Hammershøi vase which sits as a canvas. With the Poppy vase, we get even more opportunities to put the poetry of the poppies into play and renew the art of the table settings – both when the whole table is covered with Poppy and when the vase is used in combination with the classic, white Hammershøi setting.

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